ECE Summit Workshops


Workshop Selection

The Summit Planning Committee has selected over 200 workshops to offer attendees the most informative, relevant, and interesting experience during your time at this year’s Summit.

All registrants will receive an email letting them know when workshop selection is open and giving them instructions on how to return to the registration system and make their choices.

Tip: The system will time out after 30 minutes. We recommend that you review the workshop descriptions (see links below) first, writing down your selections before you go into the registration system so that you can easily complete the process within the allotted time.

As a reminder, seating at certain workshops is limited and space fills up quickly.  Should a particular workshop reach capacity, priority for seating will be given to attendees who selected that workshop during workshop selection.

ALL Workshops updated 9-13-2018

Don’t want to download the whole program? Click below to see workshop descriptions for individual days.

Monday Workshops updated 9-13-2018

Tuesday Workshops updated 9-13-2018

Wednesday Workshops updated 9-13-2018

Just want a list of Titles? 2018 Summit Workshop List updated 9-13-2018


When you return to the registration to select your workshops, remember to update your Lunch Selections as appropriate.

Lunch options at the Summit include Buffet or Box Lunch.

  1. Buffet Lunch sessions are available in Presidents’ Hall at 11:30 am and 1:15 pm.  Buffets typically include tossed salad; selection of prepared salads; fresh fruit; bread & dinner rolls; a selection of hot entrees; hot vegetable; soup; dessert; coffee, water, and iced tea.  Buffet lunch plates cannot be taken outside of Presidents’ Hall.  You do not need to specify which Buffet Lunch session you will attend – this will be determined by the times of the breakout sessions you select.
  2. Box Lunches are available to be picked up in a designated location at 11:15 am and 1:00 pm.  Box Lunches typically contain a sandwich on bread, roll, or wrap; a prepared salad; a piece of whole fruit; a cookie; and assorted sodas and bottled water.  These lunches can be eaten while attending breakout sessions.  Please note that breakout session rooms are most often set up theater style, without tables.  However, if you wish to maximize the number of breakout sessions you attend at the Summit on any given day (rather than skipping a workshop in order to attend one of the Buffet Lunches), you should select a Box Lunch for that day.  You do not need to specify the time at which you will pick up your Box Lunch.

Lunch choices MUST be finalized by Monday, October 8.

Lunch choices CANNOT be changed on-site during the Summit.